PPC Management

Pay Per Click Management Service – $250 monthly

Management includes:

  1. Regular competition review and bid adjustments to gain priority placement over competition
  2. Configuration of Reports and Automatic e-mails to client
  3. Weekly review of keywords and their performance. If hosted with Scarab Media or we have access, we can add Conversion code to the site to allow customers to see the Conversion rates on individual keywords.
  4. Make automatic edits, deletions to non-productive or vague keywords
  5. Adjust ads to attract traffic to the site or specific campaigns

Budget Startup Suggestion:

$150-250 budget for Google, $100 for Bing (to be adjusted after historical data is available (30 days or so).

 *Extensive review and site updates are subject to additional fees based on time


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For more than three decades, we’ve helped companies stay on the forefront of search engine optimization and maintain their online superiority over their competitors—Google and Bing certified, we can accomplish your goals. Read More…


Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Our team’s Google and Bing certified pay per click management services can help you optimize your online advertising budget and schedule your ads specific to your demographic.